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As for the last line, I believe it's a statement about how people only look skin-deep, and don't treasure what makes a person individual.

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No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment I actually hung out with Dewey, the lead singer of America, last year and we asked him what the song meant. He said he wrote the song in while he was in Europe, on tour I believe. He said it was so rainy and dark all the time and he was just sick of being there. The song is basically his fantisy of being out of rainy Europe where everyone knew who he was. He went to a sunny place where nobody knew him. Flag hippiechick on December 19, General Comment I love how people assume that a song is about a drug based on the time period and possibly the musicians.

Oh, ok. So one of America's most well-known songs is about heroin? Lobotomize yourself.

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There's been some awesome interpretations here, though. I always thought of it as writing about an escape from civilization and mankind. The verses, especially the last, suggest that a desert contains just as much diversity and wonder as mankind has created. Whether or not the writers were on substances is besides the point. I dont think the drug heroine itself is a desert and oceans and flies and stuff that anyone would automatically pluck out and say "oh yeah that reminds me of heroin!

https://tocafoli.ga This song IS about Heroin to me. I am not just assuming. And like a few others have said before, it may be about something comletely different to you. Also, the fact that I think it is about Heroin has nothing to do with the time period or musicians. As a recovering Heroin addict, this song just feels like Heroin to me.

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Perhaps you disagree, but don't patronize me or imply that I am an idiot because of the way this song hits me. Flag waukwiz on August 29, Such a horse has no name because it isn't flesh and blood, it's a spirit horse made of sound. To me the song is about a kind of vision quest in the desert General Comment I've been in the desert for all my life, funny how ppl don't get this. The song has nothing to do with drugs. I think it's mostly about a person who died in the desert: After nine days I let the horse run free Cause the desert had turned to sea That'll happen after 9 daze, probably much sooner.

General Comment I really disagree with the song referring to drugs A prime example of how isolating yourself can be deadly.

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General Comment There are people who think about a song for 60 seconds, and the first thing that comes to their mind, they are forever after sure the song is about. And then it's always drugs, death, or some wildly implausible scenario. The guy's in the desert to think.

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    Abusive comment hidden. Show it anyway. I'm very lyrics-oriented and had less trouble with the 'lyric banality', which did well fit in with a long, uneventful-but-pleasant journey, than the two-note repetitive pattern of the main verse I think the banality of the lyrics helps emphasize the desert description. If you're describing a jungle you want lush verbiage, if you're describing a desert, making the words as dry and plain as possible helps. Thanks, DanaZ, fixed now!

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