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I knew just what I wanted to do that evening, and the night before the show I hardly slept a wink I was so keyed up. I considered this a sign of being in tip-top condition. I was determined to make some new records, determined also that I would display what I had to offer to the best of my ability as a poseur and juggler of weights. I wanted to impress Mrs. Attila so very much that evening. She was proud of me and I did not for a moment want to disillusion her. Preparations were made for me to pose so that the posing act would be, to her and those who had seen Sandow years before, reminiscent of that great inspirer of multitudes.

A huge gilded column was placed in front of a black velvet curtain, with just the proper lighting carefully arranged. The music started to play and the front curtains opened. I was posed against the golden column in the old familiar Sandow column pose, with the right arm raised forward and a bit to the side. Naturally I was thrilled about this. The classical posing over, I performed some muscle-control feats, followed by juggling with the kettle-bell, the dumbell and then the barbell.

I also performed for the first time with the ball and cup apparatus which Joe Lambert was kind enough to make for me, and it was the first time that the new generation of weightlifters had ever seen it manipulated. I knew that Mrs. Attila would be very much surprised to see me using this intricate apparatus. She did not know how I had learned to perform this Attila specialty.

Arthur F. Gay of Rochester then performed some rope-skipping and bent pressing. A contest was also held between two of my pupils. I was getting fidgety by this time, and Mr. Kramer announced that I would now attempt to establish two records. I stepped on the scales, which were tested that afternoon by the Department of Scales and Measures for accuracy, and found that I weighed pounds, which was about two pounds less than I wanted to weigh for this evening, even though at noon I ate a pound steak with a large glass of milk, three raw eggs and a small jar of honey. The audience showed their appreciation by great applause.

The next attempt was to smash a famous record made by the famous Bavarian athlete, Maxick, who at a bodyweight of lbs. I started with lbs. The weight was weighed, then I was weighed again. I had broken the long-established record that Maxick created! More plates were added. I was now going to extend myself. There was absolute quiet in the huge crowded hall. The orchestra started to play martial music. This helped, and I glanced out to the audience, looked at Mrs. Attila, and then glanced at Grace. I was now ready.

I was for a moment stunned as Mr. Kramer put his arm around my shoulder. He could not silence the audience. At last they were still.

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This created a then unbelievable new record for the continental lightweight class and the most authentic record on the books in the lb. This was to me my happiest day in weightlifting. Joe Bonomo, of movie fame, presented me with a beautiful large silver loving cup, and several medals were given to me too, besides a beautiful diploma. One afternoon in July , Mr. I performed some lifting for him and he asked me for some material for his column. I have been featured by him since then eight times, and I believe that this is a record number for any individual to be featured by Mr.

Siegmund Klein

Many strong-men would visit my gymnasium, and one who became a very dear friend, Joe Lambert, was also gifted with the ability of building apparatus. He also was kind enough to teach many of the Strong-Man exhibition feats, especially juggling with weights. I have always believed that the finished athlete of strength should not only master competition lifts but exhibition feats as well.

Harry was a cartoonist for the then N. We would, after the gymnasium was closed for the evening, sit around talking weight-lifting. Before long, the gym lights would be turned on again, and we would have friendly weight-lifting contests that would often run into the wee hours of the morning. How pleasant these occasions were. They will always remain in my memory, and I am sure that the others too must from time to time recall with pleasure how we enjoyed ourselves.

The Tight Tan Slacks of Dezso Ban: Sig Klein - Chapter Ten

The changes atop Vox come at a time of anxiety for digital publishers. Some startups have been mocked for attempting so-called pivots to video. But Klein said that's not what is happening at Vox. The new TV project, which is slated for , is an outgrowth of what the site has already been doing, he said. Vox CEO Jim Bankoff tweeted in response to the changes, "fastest growing news brand of past 3 years still has a lot of explaining to do. Sig Klein wrote this course roughly seventy five years ago, but the principles which make hand-balancing work are eternal.

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When I embarked on my own hand-balancing journey, unsurprisingly, I learned from and practiced many of the movements that Sig discusses in his course. So, in the latter pages of the course, I have put together TEN tips, tips, techniques and pieces of advice that I wished I knew when I got started, or which I learned along the way. The order button below will take you directly to the order page on Amazon. Unlike most kinds of training, Muscle Control work can be done every day, multiple times per day, without an equipment and the results can be outstanding.

The increased flexibility, dexterity, and greater blood flow to the muscular system from regular Muscle Control practice is ideal for promoting greater recovery, making it a very valuable tool for all strength athletes. And check out Mr. Maxick on the right, that level of muscular development is still VERY impressive despite the fact that photo was taken well over a hundred years ago!

If you would like to get started with Muscle Control, as long as you provide the commitment, we can provide the know-how in the form of one of the best training courses ever written on the subject:. Originally published in , this truly remarkable training course has run through countless editions. This was the course that started it all. The author, Maxick, was the first great Muscle Control master and it served him incredibly well.

Maxick developed his own unique system to add to his weightlifting… the result was a champion physique and world class levels of strength. Throughout the course, Maxick describes in detail how, by use of concentration, you can develop and gain deliberate control of each muscle group in the body. Detailed explanations of each technique and area of the body are provided.

Highlighting the instruction found in the text, are rare, high-quality photographs of each technique in action for each muscle group.